Property Insurance


Payouts from extreme weather in each of the last 6 years


Disaster events worldwide in 2015


Private P&C Insurers actively compete in Canada.


Of every dollar of premiums received by insurers is paid out in claims.


A home can be one of your most valuable assets, and protecting it has never been more important. Today’s policies offer a range of coverage solutions that that can be suited to meet client needs. Talk to us today about deductibles, limits, and endorsements and how they impact your coverage.

Rented Dwelling

Rental Dwelling coverage is offered to those whose property is being occupied by tenants. This policy will provide physical coverage to the home and extended liability however does not usually cover contents within the home unless specifically requested.


If you do not own your living quarters this does not mean that you should forego the protection and peace of mind that renter’s insurance provides. This insurance will protect your personal property, and provide liability coverage resulting from property damage and bodily injury to others. It is a common misconception that renter's are protected by their landlord's insurance policy.


The exterior of a condo building is commonly protected by a master policy through the condo board however it is essential that condo unit owner’s also obtain a personal policy to protect their personal contents and liability. A personal policy can also be tailored to protect any gaps in coverage subject to the condo bylaws.

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